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Should I get newborn photos done? | Baby Photographer Sligo

Are you’re expecting a new baby and wondering if you should book a professional photographer to capture those first few days of your baby’s life?

My answer…YES! Of course you will be thinking, of course she is going to say yes, she’s a newborn photographer!

I am, but also I am a mother to a gorgeous little girl. I remember the excitement and the madness of the first few days after having my baby, and of course the extreme exhaustion too!

I know it can be hard to imagine getting out of the house to bring your newborn baby out for photographs when you feel so tired. This is why I always make sure you have the most relaxing and enjoyable experience when visiting the studio. I want you to see your session as a chance to enjoy a hot cup of coffee and some stress free time , knowing your baby is in the safe hands of an experienced newborn photographer.

Having those precious images of your baby, that tiny and curly, like she/he will never be again is so so worth it.

As a parent we enjoy seeing our babies go through all the milestones and proudly watch them turn into children with their very own personality but aren’t we all sometimes nostalgic of when they were so little?

We can’t go back in time, we can’t hold onto those fleeting moments, but we can capture them in photographs that we can treasure for ever.

Everything feels like a blur in the first few days, especially for first time parents, you find yourself trying to remember how small they actually were, what all their gorgeous little features were like.

I wanted to do some photos of my daughter myself when she was born of course, but thankfully I also brought her to another professional newborn photographer for a session. This was the best decision ever! I realised once she was born that I was too tired to focus on doing a session myself! Now I have gorgeous images of her at just 6 days old and they are truly so precious to me, I never tire of looking back at them.

I don’t want anyone to miss out on having memories of their newborn babies to cherish and share with future generations.

Booking your newborn photographer:

baby photographer sligo

Posed newborn photography is a very specific art. It requires time and patience to settle and pose a newborn baby to create these amazing images.

Breaks for feeding and cuddles are needed and sometimes when babies are a little unsettled we may spend a lot of time rocking and soothing baby. Your newborn photographer should be experienced in newborn posing and educated in safety as of course this is always the priority when working with newborns.

Thinking of booking a session? Newborns are best photographed between 6 and 14 days old so I do recommend booking during your pregnancy to secure your session. If your baby has already arrived please enquire, I will always try to fit you in and accomodate you.

* Currently i have some availability left in August. Please get in touch if you would like to book! * Enquiries:

If you would love some amazing portraits of your baby but you have missed the newborn stage, the next best time to book a session is from 6 months once they can sit steadily on their own.

baby photographer sligo

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