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Gorgeous eyes,heart melting smiles and expressive little faces... I love photographing babies and capturing their growing personalities. Baby sessions are all about having some fun in the studio!                              


After newborn shots, when is the next best time to capture your baby?


Babies grow up so fast and it is wonderful to capture all the milestones and changes than happen in the first year, I recommend planning baby’s next session when they can sit unassisted, but are not yet crawling. This is a perfect time to photograph them as they are usually interested in the camera ad not yet running away! 

Don't worry if your baby has already started to crawl it's not too late, you can still book your baby session!

You can view my Baby Session and First Birthday pricing here


Are you looking for a baby photographer in Sligo to capture amazing portraits of your little one?

Contact me here to start planning your session! I look forward to welcoming you in my studio!

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