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Sitter Sessions - Baby Photographer Sligo

So what is a Baby "Sitter Session" exactly? Sitter sessions are for babies that are able to sit up steadily on their own :) This is usually around 6-9 months old and it truly is an amazing age to capture! At his age babies are full of fun and you really get to discover their growing personalities.

Investing in quality portraits is the perfect way to capture these fleeting moments and you will cherish these memories for years to come. As we all hear so often, they grow up too fast!

Take a look below at these gorgeous images of Conor, this was my last session of 2017, to have an idea of what to expect during a Sitter Session :)

Babies are best photographed between 6 and 9 months for these sessions, when they can sit up but are not crawling away yet! However they can still be booked for babies a little older, this cutie is 11 months and was the perfect model!

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